30 Mar, 2020 04:15 PM
VAT Payments Delayed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

No VAT Payments Until End of June Amid Coronavirus Crisis

To manage the COVID-19 pandemic the government has taken several financial measures and commitments. According to Chancellor Sunak, the commitments are ‘unprecedented measures for unprecedented times’. Mr. Rishi Sunak on March 17 has announced to defer the next quarter of

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30 Mar, 2020 11:25 AM
Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme: Tips for Small Businesses

We have brought some significant tips for small businesses on getting an access to CBILS

My blog on Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS)  demonstrated how your business is eligible for the scheme. This week’s blog aims to let you know the key factors on how to form a successful application for the loan scheme.    Majority

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28 Mar, 2020 04:26 PM
Government Coronavirus Grants: A Guide for Small Business Owner

A Guide to Claim Government Coronavirus Grants for all Businesses

The Global Pandemic has created havoc in lives and economies. Which leads the government to take preventive measures to mitigate the loss and keep the economy functioning. The measures include ways to facilitate individuals and businesses in various ways. If

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28 Mar, 2020 05:40 AM
Coronavirus Grant of 80% of Wages and Salaries

How can a Business Claim 80% Wages for Staff During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in the UK, workers are unable to continue their jobs. In this tough situation, the government is taking some steps to avoid the businesses from sinking.   Why is the Government paying a Grant of 80%

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26 Mar, 2020 05:33 AM
Coronavirus Grants and Benefits for Self-Employed

Process to claim beneficial measures taken by the government for self-employed on the Coronavirus pandemic

Self employed individual doesn’t have rights like the employed people. Employed people enjoy some legal protection and we call them Statutory payments which includes SSP, SMP etc. In this Coronavirus outbreak, SSP Statutory Sick Pay has become a part of

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20 Mar, 2020 09:00 AM
Annual Accounts vs Annual Return vs Confirmation Statement: A Holistic View

Annual Accounts vs Annual Return vs Confirmation Statement Explained

Annual Accounts Company’s annual accounts, also known as the ‘statutory accounts’ , are prepared at the end of your company’s financial year to provide an overall view of your company’s financial state.  It is a single document that must be written

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04 Mar, 2020 10:03 AM
QuickBooks Connect 2020

QuickBooks Connect 2020 is an event that provides education, connection, and innovation for small business

As the #1 accounting software company in the industry, QuickBooks holds one of the most raved about events of the year. I had the privilege to have been selected as a VIP member for this year's QuickBooks Connect event in

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29 Feb, 2020 09:19 AM
Best Payroll Software for Small Business UK

Best Payroll Software for Small Business UK

The employer is responsible for collecting and paying taxes on behalf of the employee. These deductions concern: PAYE, NI contributions, private pension and donations. These duties were previously done using pen and paper. A very tedious and daunting task for

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13 Feb, 2020 09:52 AM
Top Tips for Good Bookkeeping

Top Tips for Good Bookkeeping: Get Organized, Know Your Deadlines, and Automate Where Possible!

Behind every great business is an impeccable bookkeeping system. In order to ensure the growth and prosperity of your business, it is crucial to maintain an accurate account of your businesses financial records. Ensuring you have up-to-date and accurate financial

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23 Jan, 2020 09:24 AM
Receive tax-free income by using the Rent a Room Scheme

What is Rent A Room Relief and How to Claim it?

Rent a Room Relief is an optional way for renters to receive up to £ 7,500 a year tax-free by renting out a spare furnished accommodation in their main residence. This tax relief option was put into effect in 1992

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13 Dec, 2019 01:47 PM
Grow your start-ups with the help of an accountant

What can an accountant do for your start-ups to grow?

Start-up businesses are always on the rise in the UK. There are a lot of new start-ups coming to the market everyday. Some start-ups could be from the very experts of the industry or from fresh graduates to visualise their

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10 Dec, 2019 09:40 AM
Cloud Accounting Software- Benefits and Advantages

The benefits of choosing Cloud Accounting over Desktop Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting Software is an accounting software that is hosted on a remote server. It is neither based on your computer hard drive nor on your local server. Cloud accounting uses the internet to access the accounting data, records and

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26 Nov, 2019 10:37 AM
The Best Accountant in London of 2019 by Three Best Rated

This Time It is a Hat-Trick for Taj Accountants

For the third time this year, Taj Accountants London has been recognised as a top accountant in London by ThreeBestRated.co.ok.  In this regard, Melinda Crawford congratulated us saying, “Congratulations! You are now listed as one of the Top 3 Accountants in

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10 Nov, 2019 03:49 PM
What to Consider When Changing Accountants

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Transitioning to a New Accountant for Your Small

An accountant plays a very crucial role in every organization. He/she is the one who does not only takes care of your accounts only but also serves as a trusted business advisor for you. He is the one who can

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11 Oct, 2019 11:24 PM
Taj Accountants Crowned as the Small Business of the Year at the

Taj Accountants were honoured as the Small Business of the Year at the third London

In a dazzling ceremony held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington, TAJ ACCOUNTANTS were accorded the coveted title of Small Business of the Year at the third London Asian Business Awards of 2019. The event, held last Friday, was

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01 Oct, 2019 10:45 PM
Taj Accountants in the Running for Prestigious Recognition at London Asian Business

East London-based Taj Accountants nominated as a finalist in the Small Business of the Year

East London-based firm, Taj Accountants, has made significant strides in its field and is now reaping the rewards of its dedication. The accounting firm, renowned for its specialized services to small businesses, has been proudly named a finalist in the

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06 Dec, 2018 03:25 PM
The Best Accountant in Tower Hamlets of 2018 by ThreeBestRated.co.uk

Once Again Taj Accountants won The Best Accountant in Tower Hamlets in 2018

December 6 2018, for the second time Taj Accountants has been recognised as a top accountant in Tower Hamlets by ThreeBestRated.co.ok for its contribution and excellency.    Melinda Crawford of ThreeBestRated.co.uk, in her confirmation letter said, “We have listed you as one

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02 Dec, 2018 03:48 PM
HMRC's Ban On Credit Cards For Tax Payments; Putting Millions In Trouble

Exploring the Implications of HMRC's Ban on Credit Card Tax Payments and its Impact on

Millions of taxpayers are rather more upset by the ban going to be imposed on plastic than their annual tax bill itself.  The pain is real as HM Revenue & Customs announces a ban on personal credit card payments implementable

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01 Dec, 2018 03:43 PM
Here's Why Small Businesses Rely More On Small Business Accountants

Discover the Benefits and Advantages of Engaging Small Business Accountants for Your Financial Success

Businesses don't run on promises, they don't run on dreaming either. But when we talk about the profitability of small businesses, the financial dilemma holds a big question mark for all self-employed individuals. Spending countless hours on financial data, bookkeeping,

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01 Sep, 2017 12:00 AM
Abul Nurujjaman of Taj Accountants: A Success Story of a Successful Magazine

Abul Nurujjaman of Taj Accountants has been featured in the cover of Accounting Technician (AT)

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the prime professional membership body for Accountants with around 150,000 members working in 100 countries globally. They are globally recognised and universally standardized for their Accounting Qualifications.  AAT associates itself with highly ambitious and

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