10 Dec, 2019 09:40 AM
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Cloud Accounting Software- Benefits and Advantages

The benefits of choosing Cloud Accounting over Desktop Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting Software is an accounting software that is hosted on a remote server. It is neither based on your computer hard drive nor on your local server. Cloud accounting uses the internet to access the accounting data, records and information. This data is sent to the cloud where it is stored and returned to the users as requested. The users must log in or sign in using the internet to access this data.

Traditional accounting software has done a tremendous job at replacing physical paperwork and calculators related to accounting. But modern development of the internet and gadgets gives a possibility to move to a completely new level of development which is cloud accounting. Meaning you can handle your accounting via the internet anywhere and at any time. 

Common problems with traditional accounting software:

Security– The information is lost as your computer or other office’s gadgets are lost, damaged or stolen.

Investment- As the amount of information increases, you need to improve the bandwidth of your computers to keep all the information, same time you need to purchase special servers or other types of gadgets.

Working place- Traditional accounting software requires being in front of your personal computer and don’t allow you to work out of the office.

Transferring the information– to share information using traditional software you need to use email or hard disk, which is not secure in many cases. Same tame there could be a problem with transferring of information in the way when information is huge.

Limitation of users- Traditional software has a limitation of users who can work at the same time in the system.

Time-consuming- traditional software requires entering some information manually which takes an amount of time. Ex. Exchange rate.


The cloud accounting solves all the problems mentioned above:

  • Information is saved out of loss regardless the computer would be stolen or damaged as it is uploaded in clouds.
  • As the system is working using the internet, the special types of gadgets are not required.
  • As the system works using the internet, it allows users to work without having a personal computer in front of them or being in the office.
  • As it is uploaded on the clouds, transferring information doesn’t require a hard disk or email system to share it.
  • Cloud accountant allows a number of users to enter the system at the same time and work together.
  • The system gives the possibility to integrate it with internet banking, stock exchange and/or HM Revenue & Customs services, and get the information online.
  • Cloud accounting software gives new possibilities to users, by providing comprehensive service in a comfortable way wherever they are, be sure that data and information is safe out of losing, stolen and upgraded.
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