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Get Connected Brighton 2023: An Unforgettable Event Celebrating Intuit QuickBooks

Unleashing the Power of Digital Transformation and Empowering Accountants Through Connection and Collaboration at Get Connected Brighton 2023

Check out the highlights of the Get Connected Roadshow 2023 in Brighton: Watch on YouTube


I recently had the privilege of attending the Get Connected Brighton event of 2023, organised by Intuit QuickBooks, and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing! As a small business accountant in London, I have always appreciated Intuit QuickBooks for their commitment to supporting the industry through events like Get Connected nationwide and other mega events such as the Business Show, Accountex, the Digital Accountancy Show and others.


But what sets Intuit QuickBooks apart is their approach to these events. Instead of focusing on hard-selling their products, they take a holistic approach. Their intention is to introduce their products, showcase new features, educate users, and foster meaningful dialogue. It's a modern way of selling, one that prioritises user understanding and satisfaction.


One thing that struck me during Get Connected Brighton was the voluntary participation of Quickbooks accountants who were already using Intuit QuickBooks products. They eagerly came forward to share their experiences on the official channel and even posted about it on social media. As a proud user myself, I also took the opportunity to speak about my positive experiences. It truly showcased the strong community of users that Intuit QuickBooks has built.


But Get Connected events are not just about software. It's also about the importance of having the right partners to maximise efficiency through relationships and communication. At the event, we had the opportunity to explore partner software such as DEXT, Apron, and iZettle by PayPal, all of which contribute to creating a powerful ecosystem. Intuit QuickBooks understands the value of focusing on core skills while partnering with key providers to deliver the best results for clients.


In today's digital age, events like Get Connected help bridge the knowledge gap and emphasise the need for digitization. It's surprising to learn that less than 50% of businesses are currently digital, which means there's a tremendous opportunity for growth. Intuit QuickBooks recognizes that the market can be noisy and overwhelming, which is why they take the time to educate and guide users toward the right products and solutions.


It's not just about having a good product; it's also about effectively advertising it to the world. I was particularly impressed by Intuit QuickBooks' recent promos launched on International Accounting Day. Their slogan, "For the Hero Behind the Heroes," resonated with professionals in the industry and showcased their commitment to supporting accountants.


At Get Connected Brighton, the focus was on building knowledge rather than selling. By encouraging others to join and learn, Intuit QuickBooks ensures that clients naturally come their way. It's a process that involves providing excellent training and creating a network of satisfied users who can then recommend their services to others.


During the event, I had the opportunity to listen to various individuals who emphasised the benefits of attending Get Connected. Many felt that they were becoming better accountants simply by being in the presence of like-minded professionals and sharing knowledge and experiences. The event was deemed 100% worth it, with attendees encouraging others to participate as well. The announcements of upcoming product developments created excitement among the crowd, and the opportunity to connect with QuickBooks staff and account managers allowed for valuable interactions and learning opportunities.


Throughout the day, Intuit teams tirelessly served clients and prospective clients alike. They showcased how to use their products to improve efficiency, introduced new features and improvements based on user feedback, and introduced key individuals within the Intuit QuickBooks organization. The event also provided insights into the ecosystem of associated products and how they can enhance reporting capabilities.


The event started with an energetic opening by Nick Williams, who wore a superhero costume to set the tone for the day. This created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the valuable discussions that followed. Rupinder Sandhu from QuickBooks hosted a panel discussion on the "Journey to Digital". Another highlight was Reza Hooda FCA CTA sharing his expertise on winning new clients, charging higher fees, and reducing working hours. Danny Wetherall, Senior Service Delivery Manager at Intuit QuickBooks, delivered essential tools and tips on QuickBooks, allowing accountants to enhance their skills. A panel discussion with app stack partners James Adam, Paul Lodder (FCCA), and Debbie Dreyfuss provided valuable insights into their innovative products. 


Despite the long drive from Essex to Brighton, I found the event to be well worth it and are eagerly anticipating the next QuickBooks event. It was a great opportunity to connect with fellow accountants and the QuickBooks team, fostering a sense of empowerment.


A special shoutout goes to all the speakers, participants, and the Intuit QuickBooks team for organising such a remarkable event. Thank you to Karen Malone, Grace Dawson, Caroline Erlam, Kate Edwards, Kendrick King, Bee Nortje, and my account manager Jordan Coleman for their outstanding support.


Once again, thank you to everyone who made Get Connected Brighton an unforgettable experience. We are already looking forward to the next one!


Attending Get Connected Brighton was a truly enriching experience that reaffirmed my confidence in the quality of Intuit QuickBooks' products. The event not only provided valuable knowledge but also emphasised the importance of connections and embracing digitalization for success. If you're looking to elevate your business or online accounting practice firm, I highly recommend booking a demo and exploring the range of products within the Intuit QuickBooks ecosystem. Remember, the future belongs to those who embrace digitalization, and with Intuit QuickBooks as your partner, success is within reach for Online Quickbooks Accountants in London.

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