22 Mar, 2017 01:08 AM
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Taj Accountants Honoured by Brent Council for Exceptional Community Service

Abul Hyat Nurujjaman, Managing Director of Taj Accountants, received the Community Service Award from Brent Council. The Mayor praised his dedication to the community, and other individuals expressed appreciation for his contributions. Nurujjaman intends to continue his career and community engagement efforts.

Abul Hyat Nurujjaman, the Managing Director of Taj Accountants, received a prestigious award from Brent Council recognizing his exceptional service to the community and remarkable contributions to various community activities. The award was presented by the Mayor of Brent Council, Cllr Mr. Parvez Ahmed, during a brief formal ceremony held on Wednesday, March 22nd, in the dignified setting of the Mayor's parlour.


The award ceremony was attended by influential community leaders, esteemed dignitaries, and representatives from the print and electronic media. Notable guests included the Mayor of Brent Council, Cllr Mr Parvez Ahmed; former president and senior advisor of the British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Editor of Bricklane: Bari to Basa, Professor Shahagir Bakth Faruq; Leader of the Bangladeshi Caterers Association, Muhammad Nasir Uddin; Taraul Islam; Dalia Urbanaviciute; and prominent businessman Lucky Mia.


During the award presentation, Mayor Parvez Ahmed expressed his admiration for Mr. Nurujjaman and conveyed his immense joy in bestowing this honour upon a truly virtuous individual who dedicates himself tirelessly to serving the community. The Mayor described Abul as a hidden hero within the community, emphasising the importance of recognizing and honouring such individuals to inspire both them and the younger generation.


Mayor Parvez Ahmed expressed his hopes that this distinguished award would serve as a catalyst, igniting even more energy and dedication within Mr. Nurujjaman. The Mayor believes that this recognition will inspire him to continue on his virtuous path and achieve great strides in the future. Mayor Ahmed extended his well wishes to Mr. Nurujjaman for success, good health, and a promising future ahead.


In his congratulatory message, Shahagor Bakth Faruk commended A H Nurujjaman for his outstanding contribution to the community. He acknowledged Nurujjaman's dedication and responsibilities not only as a renowned accountant but also for fulfilling his corporate obligations through organisations like BBCCI, Sylhet Sadar Association, among others. Faruk expressed gratitude to Mayor Cllr Parvez Ahmed of Brent for selecting the deserving individual, Nurujjaman, to be honoured and presented with such a prestigious accolade.


Mr. Muhammed Nasir Uddin, the leader of the Bangladeshi Caterers Association, expressed his appreciation for Mr. Nurujjaman, highlighting his commitment to championing the rights of the community and taking a prominent role in relevant movements. Uddin expressed gratitude towards Mayor Parvez Ahmed for bestowing this award and recognition upon a highly reputable individual with an impeccable image.


Ms Dalia Urbanaviciute extended her warm congratulations to Mr. Abul Hyat Nurujjaman and his team at Taj Accountants, expressing her delight in attending the ceremony at Brent Council. She commended Mayor Cllr Parvez Ahmed for making a commendable decision in presenting this award to a young, dedicated, and accomplished accountant and entrepreneur. Urbanaviciute acknowledged Mr. Abul's remarkable contributions in various domains, including charitable initiatives and support for businesses within both the local Bengali community and the wider society. She found it captivating to read his expert insights on taxation in publications like The Daily Star, something that brings immense pride to the Bengali community. Urbanaviciute wished Mr. Abul the very best and expressed her hopes that this recognition marks the beginning of a highly successful career.


Upon receiving the award, Mr. Nurujjaman was overwhelmed with joy and eagerly conveyed his emotions, stating, "This is an immense honour for me. I take great pride in being nominated for an award by the Council." He also expressed his gratitude towards Mayor Cllr Parvez Ahmed for selecting him as the recipient of this prestigious recognition. Mr. Nurujjaman emphasised that the award would serve as an inspiration for him to continue his career endeavours and fuel his dedication towards social service and community engagement initiatives.


In addition to his successful accountancy career, Mr. Nurujjaman from Taj Accountants actively engages in various endeavours, including dedicating himself to charitable activities. Last year, he and his team raised an impressive sum of over £60,000 through the Human Relief Foundation appeal, specifically aimed at supporting Syrian refugees. As part of this fundraising initiative, Mr. Nurujjaman undertook an arduous challenge, trekking over 90km along the iconic Great Wall of China. His commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others is truly commendable.


Mr. Nurujjaman also holds prominence within the business community, being invited as a guest on various TV interviews where he imparts valuable insights and knowledge on taxation and small business matters. Moreover, his authoritative voice can be found in esteemed publications like The Daily Star, where he provides guidance and expertise on financial management and accounting practices.


The recognition bestowed upon Mr. Nurujjaman by Brent Council serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to community service and his exceptional contributions to various initiatives. His dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others, both through his professional work and charitable endeavours, is truly inspiring. As the Managing Director of Taj Accountants, Mr. Nurujjaman continues to strive for excellence and pave the way for future generations to follow in his footsteps.

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