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Statutory Sick Pay (SSP): A Significant Support for Employees Battling COVID-19

Prime Minister Has Announced Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for Employees up to 28 Weeks to Combat COVID-19

The Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) has been taken into action from March 2020 to provide support to the employees who are in self-isolation due to the pandemic. 

In the UK, the toll of confirmed cases are increasing everyday causing workers to self-isolate themselves. The Officials have estimated about fifth of the workforce may take sick leave during the pandemic in the UK. 


To help the workforce in such a situation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced to provide Statutory Sick Pay to workers and employees. To justify the action he said, “If they stay at home, they are helping to protect all of us by preventing the spread of the virus. No one should be penalised for doing the right thing”. 


Based on the sick pay law, if you are too ill to go to work and you are self-isolating yourself to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading then you can apply for the SSP. The Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will pay you up to 28 weeks, £94.25 per week. 


What Are the Criterias of Eligibility? 


To be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP),


  • you must be categorized as an employee 
  • your earning must be on average £118 per week
  • you have to isolate yourself up to 4 days because of your illness, including non working days.
  • if you are advised to quarantine yourself or take care of someone who has COVID-19 in the same household
  • and you have given the correct notice to your employer.


If you have started working recently and you are yet to receive your 8 weeks’ payment, you are still eligible for SSP. 


Who Is Not Eligible for SSP? 


If you have a frequent previous record of getting sick for the past 3 years or more, then you will not be eligible for SSP. 


What Will You be Receiving from SSP? 


If you are eligible for statutory sick leave then you will be receiving a maximum 28 weeks of Statutory Sick Pay and £94.25 per week. From 6 April the pay will be set to £95.85.You will be paid from the first days and each of the days you have isolated yourself.       


You will also be qualified for Statutory Maternity Pay. Also you may receive more than the statutory amount if your company has a sick pay scheme or occupational scheme. 


How Do You Claim for SSP?


If you are entitled to get the SSP then you have to contact your employer. Your bill will be ensured by your employer for up to 28 weeks. Your employer must know that you have been isolating yourself due to COVID-19 or due to other illnesses. But you must let your employer know before the deadline they set, which can be up to 7 days if they set none. 


You have to give your employer a ‘fit note’ if you have been ill for more than 7 days including non-working days. 

  • If you are self-isolating yourself due to COVID-19, you have to get an ‘isolation note’ online from NHS 111. 
  • If you are ill for other reasons then you have to get a fit note from your GP or hospital doctor after 7 days of being absent. 


If you fail to inform your employer, you may lose some of your Statutory Sick Pay


Can Self-Employed get SSP?


If you are self-employed and advised to self-isolate yourself due to coronavirus and your earning is not more than £118 per week, you are eligible for Statutory Sick Pay. 


You will also be able to claim for Universal Credit (UC) or new style Employment and Support Allowance.


For further clarifications and explanations regarding self-employed grants/benefits, check our blog on “Coronavirus Grants and Benefits for Self-Employed” which guides the self-employed individuals on their entitlements. 


Wondering about how to get an ‘isolation note’?


To be able to obtain an isolation now visit NHS 111 online and fill an online form. You do not need to visit your GP or a hospital for this note.  


What do you have to do if your SSP ends while you are still ill?


You have to inform your employer. Then your employer must send you the form SSP1 within 7 days of your SSP expiration or on/before the beginning of the 23rd week. 


Taj Accountants wishes everyone stays safe and healthy during this outbreak and hopes the readers get benefited from the information provided by us. We  request everyone to stay at home and try to find out the right facilities provided by the government. For further queries and updated information, feel free to contact us. 


DISCLAIMER: The purpose of the blog is to provide information and insight regarding the situation. The readers must contact experts before making any decisions based on the information. We highly appreciate you to contact Taj Accountants for further assistance.

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