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Dormant Company Accounts Filing Service

Taj Accountants offers a comprehensive dormant company full compliance package, taking care of the preparation and timely submission of annual accounts and confirmation statements. Their expert team provides assistance, advice, and a simplified process to ensure compliance with Companies House regulations.


Are you a dormant company wondering about the filing requirements for your dormant accounts? In this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure compliance with Companies House regulations. Our tax accountant expert team at Taj Accountants is here to provide you with a hassle-free dormant company accounts filing service.


Understanding the Filing Requirements

As a dormant company, your annual dormant accounts must consist of a balance sheet and relevant notes. It is crucial to file these dormant accounts within 9 months from your accounting reference date (ARD). Additionally, you are required to submit an annual confirmation statement (formerly known as the annual return) within 12 months from the ARD. This statement confirms that your company's key details, such as its name and registered office address, are up to date and accurate.


Importance of Properly Filed Dormant Accounts and Confirmation Statement

Failure to file your dormant accounts and confirmation statement on time can have serious consequences. Companies House may penalise you with an amount ranging from £150 up to £1,500 for late filings. Moreover, non-filing of the confirmation statement is considered a criminal offence and may result in compulsory strike off from the companies house register.


Complying with the Regulations

To ensure compliance and peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive dormant company full compliance package. Our dedicated team will handle the preparation and timely submission of your dormant accounts and confirmation statement to Companies House. We are also available to address any queries or concerns you may have regarding dormant accounts.


Simplifying the Process

To get started, simply provide us with your unique 6-digit alphanumeric authentication code for filing the dormant accounts and confirmation statement. Additionally, confirm whether there were any transactions during the accounting year that require dormant accounts filing. Furthermore, inform us if there have been any changes in key company details for the purpose of the confirmation statement.


Expert Advice at Your Fingertips

If you have any questions or need advice before making a decision, our team of experienced tax accountant is here to assist you. With years of experience dealing with Companies House dormant accounts filing and HMRC, we provide 30 minutes of free initial advice to help you understand your obligations and make informed choices.



Maintaining compliance with Companies House regulations is crucial for every dormant company. By availing our dormant company accounts filing service at Taj Accountants, you can ensure timely submission of your annual dormant accounts and confirmation statement, avoiding penalties and potential legal consequences. Contact us today through our “Quotation Page” or “Contact Us Page” or simply call on +442037595649 to streamline your filing process and receive expert guidance from our dedicated team of tax accountant

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