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Abul Nurujjaman: Visionary Accounting Leader and Owner of Taj Accountants

Abul Nurujjaman, the esteemed owner of Taj Accountants, is a visionary leader in the accounting industry, receiving numerous accolades and leading his company to new heights

Welcome to Taj Accountants, a top tax accountant and a specialist small business accountant in London, where our commitment goes beyond cloud bookkeeping services and cloud accounting services. Our success is driven by the determination and vision of our esteemed owner, Mr. Abul Nurujjaman. With an exceptional academic background and a comprehensive skill-set including online accounting, Quickbooks accounting, he has established himself as a multi-awards winning accountant and the driving force behind Taj Accountants.


Transforming Taj Accountants into a Flagship Company

Through his unwavering dedication, Mr. Nurujjaman has transformed Taj Accountants into a flagship company that has garnered numerous accolades. Let's delve into some key points of his remarkable success story:


Taj Accountants Unveils Flagship Office in London

Experience a new era of excellence at Taj Accountants' modern and spacious office on the high street. Our prestigious location sets us apart from competitors, instilling confidence in our clients and showcasing our commitment to their needs.


Recipient of the Prestigious Freeman of the City of London Award 2023

Mr. Nurujjaman's outstanding contributions to the accounting industry and his commitment to excellence have earned him the esteemed recognition of the Freeman of the City of London Award 2023.


Small Business of the Year at the Third London Asian Business Awards 2019

Acknowledging the exceptional growth and achievements of Taj Accountants, this award solidifies our position as a leader in the industry. Join us and experience the expertise that sets us apart.


Named Best Accountant in London by Three Best Rated

Experience the exceptional accounting services provided by Mr. Nurujjaman, named the Best Accountant in London by Three Best Rated. Trust in our expertise for all your accounting needs.


AAT Licensed Member of the Year Award 

Recognized by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), Mr. Nurujjaman's proficiency and commitment to professional excellence have earned him the prestigious Licensed Member of the Year 2017 award.


Featured on the Cover of AAT Magazine

Discover the success story and achievements of Mr. Nurujjaman as showcased on the cover of AAT Magazine. Cementing his reputation as a leader in the accounting field, he continues to drive innovation at Taj Accountants.


Recipient of Best Small Business Accountants Award by Sunrise (Spectrum) Bangla Radio Station

Renowned radio station Sunrise (Spectrum) Bangla recognizes Taj Accountants as the go-to accounting firm, Best Small Business Accountant, acknowledging our commitment to delivering unparalleled service. Join our growing list of satisfied clients.


Honoured by Brent Council for Exceptional Community Service 2016-17

Mr. Nurujjaman's dedication extends beyond the business realm. He has been recognized for his exceptional contributions to the community by the esteemed Brent Council. Join us and be part of something greater.


Award-Winning Software for an Award-Winning Accountant in London

Experience the perfect synergy between Taj Accountants and BTC Software, as Mr. Nurujjaman is chosen as a perfect Accountant in practice for their case study. Our award-winning services are backed by cutting-edge technology.


A Member of the Prestigious Intuit QuickBooks Accountant Council

In the accounting industry, few achievements hold as much prestige as being a member of the Intuit QuickBooks Accountant Council. Abul Nurujjaman, a prominent accountant known for his unwavering commitment and dedication to the field, proudly holds this distinguished title. Abul has not only embraced but also spearheaded the adoption of cloud bookkeeping and digital accounting practices. His expertise in these areas has positioned him as a trailblazer in the industry. As a testament to his exceptional skills and business acumen, Abul Nurujjaman and Taj Accountants are recognized as elite partners of Intuit QuickBooks. Moreover, Abul's expertise extends beyond his membership in the Intuit QuickBooks Accountant Council. He is also a QuickBooks ProAdvisor based in London, further solidifying his reputation as a trusted authority in the field. With Abul Nurujjaman as a guiding force, Taj Accountants continues to stay at the forefront of innovative accounting practices, ensuring that clients receive the highest level of service and expertise. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have experienced the excellence that Abul Nurujjaman and Taj Accountants offer. Let us handle your accounting needs with precision and efficiency.


A Respected Leader in the Business Community

In addition to his professional achievements, Mr. Nurujjaman currently serves as the Director General of the British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry. His role further solidifies his reputation as a respected leader in the business community.


Philanthropic Efforts and National Recognition

Beyond his professional endeavours, Abul Nurujjaman actively engages with various charitable organisations. His philanthropic efforts have garnered national and international recognition. In 2016, he and his team raised over £60,000 for Syrian refugees through the Human Relief Foundation appeal. As part of this fundraising initiative, Mr. Nurujjaman embarked on a challenging trek of over 90 km along the Great Wall of China.


Recognized by Prestigious TV Shows and Publications

Mr. Nurujjaman's remarkable achievements have attracted the attention of prestigious TV shows, earning him valuable interviews. Additionally, renowned magazines and newspapers such as the Daily Star and The Huffington Post have featured Mr. Nurujjaman for his extensive knowledge in the field of taxation and accounting.


Excellence, Compassion, and Commitment at Taj Accountants

At Taj Accountants, we take pride in being led by Mr. Abul Nurujjaman, a visionary leader who exemplifies excellence, compassion, and a commitment to providing exceptional accounting services. With his guidance, Taj Accountants continues to set new standards in the industry, ensuring the financial success and growth of our valued clients.


Join us today and experience the difference at Taj Accountants - where your financial success is our top priority.

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