Freelance IT Contractors Accountants providing specialist services to IT Contractors, ensuring compliance with IR35.

As an IT Contractor, you may be worried about financial affairs and tax management. Paying tax in the right manner and in the right time is essential for any IT Contractor, avoiding any penalties and avail rebates. All your worries can come to an end if you put your trust in our IT Contractors Accountants at Taj Accountants.

Why do you need the support of our IT Contractors Accountants?

If you have any queries regarding using our expert IT Contractor Accountants services for resolving your finance and taxation related issues, have a look at the following facts which could possibly answer your questions:

  • Managing taxation issues is preparing for the inevitable and one needs to know the type of, and amount of taxes he or she as an IT Contractor is liable to pay.
  • With our long experience and proven expertise in the field, our IT Contractors Accountants team based in East London can handle these issues in the best way for your interest.
  • Our IT Contractors Accountants work out the tax liability of our IT contractor clients and ensure that the deal is the best for the contractor paying the least and making sure they are taking advance of all their potential benefits and emended for their interest.
What can our IT Contractors Accountants do for

We at Taj Accountants take care of all the accounting and taxation issues for our IT Contractor clients, ensuring quality work and support whenever needed. Below , as an example of our services, there are just a few of the many important issues to take into account as IT Contractor and how we can help you with them:

  • If you are an IT Contractor you may be aware of the limitless varieties of situations that are to be handled in determination of your taxes payable. Our IT Contractors Accountants at Taj Accountants will take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your business, and will develop a tax plan, considering all the legal possibilities and their consequences to finally choose and develop the best tax strategy for you through our IT Contractors Tax Advice Accountants in London. We will guide you with smart solutions that are understandable and effective, helping you to save money by ensuring you are paying the lowest tax amount as possible.
  • In the case of a sale, usually the contractor that sells his or her services using limited company will find that the tax liability usually falls in three areas, corporation tax, dividend tax, and national insurance taxes. Our IT Contractors Accountants will work in these three areas ensuring you the best results for those situations.
  • There are several complex issues involving taxation and collection. We at Taj Accountants help you resolve them substantially with our timely and extremely proficient services. We will keep all your records updated and deal with the changing regulation, keeping your books and tax returns accordingly to the regulatory authority and updated with the latest financial amendments for your interest.
  • What are the areas covered by our IT Contractor Accountants?
What are the areas covered by our IT Contractor Accountants?

We offer comprehensive services, dealing with all the financial and taxation affairs relating to your business that includes:

  • Corporation Tax
  • Taxes on dividends
  • Payee and National Insurance contributions (taking especial care of Income Tax)

You will have access to expert knowledge and a wide range of services whenever needed. Let us focus on your accounting and taxation needs and we ensure you sounds services, the right support and advice for you as an IT Contractor. While our services are of top quality, they are also affordable as we offer them at the most competitive prices. What you see is what you pay and what you see is what you get from us..

Try our services and you will not be disappointed.
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