31 Dec, 2020 08:05 AM
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QuickBooks Connect 2020

QuickBooks Connect 2020 is an event that provides education, connection, and innovation for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them take their business to the next level.

As the #1 accounting software company in the industry, QuickBooks holds one of the most raved about events of the year. I had the privilege to have been selected as a VIP member for this year's QuickBooks Connect event in Olympia London. Every year, QuickBooks hosts a two day conference that fosters an environment for networking, creativity, innovation and knowledge. Putting my passion for development and accounting into one incredible event. I was ecstatic to hear that I had the opportunity to be a part of this alongside various other passionate business owners, accountants, developers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

This event gives business owners like myself, the ability to connect with peers within my industry from all over the world and have a free flowing exchange of ideas. Two days packed with speakers, panels, webinars, information sessions and social networking this is an entrepreneur's dream. It is incredible to see a company like Quickbooks, host an event that motivates, educates, and inspires those within the business to be proactive in the development of one's own business and others. Through collaboration and partnership we as a community can empower one another to better our business practices, strategies and systems.

QuickBooks Connect offers attendees first look at the new products and services they have in store for the coming year. Releasing new features to the QuickBooks system from Next Day Funding which allows business to receive invoice payments the following day, to taking away the hassle of calculating SalesTax and much more. Equipping business with the tools to make better money saving decisions.  

During this time of uncertainty, it is best to place the health and safety of the staff and attendees at the utmost priority. Although I am greatly saddened that the event has been canceled given the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, I support QuickBooks' decision in doing so in the best interest of the community. I would like to thank the QuickBooks team for this opportunity, especially my accounts manager Mr Adris Gulab, Mr Bradley Robertson, Ms Laura Kenny and my contact Ms Ella Sykes for helping with my arrangements. As a proud user of Quickbooks, I wish nothing but success and prosperity for their business. I hope to be a part of the event next year and I am excited to see what QuickBooks Connect brings for 2021!

We here at Taj Accountants hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this pandemic. 


What is QuickBooks connect?

QuickBooks Connect is a two day event held by Intuit Quickbooks that brings passionate leaders from around the world into one place. Offering panels, speakers, networking and fun. QuickBooks Connect is the event of the year for anyone interested in bettering themselves and their business. 

Is QuickBooks any good?

Taj Accountants stands by QuickBooks programs and services. Making accounting easy and affordable for any entrepreneur or self employed consumer to use and manage. Making QuickBooks, users #1 choice for accounting software. 

Do you need an accountant if you use QuickBooks?

No, you do not need an accountant to use QuickBooks. However, It may be difficult for small to medium businesses to balance the meticulous nature of the accounting while managing the other portions of the business. For that reason we advise business owners to seek the expertise and assistance of an accountant to ensure accurate usagage of the program and all its features.

Is Taj Accountants a Certified Partner of QuickBooks?

Yes, Taj Accountants is a certified user of QuickBooks. Everyone is certified and takes regular training with Qucikbooks.


Is QuickBooks hard to learn?

QuickBooks is an easy online program that comes with step by step installation and program management. Making it easy and fast to set up anywhere and at anytime. 

What is QuickBooks support?

QuickBooks support is a multifaceted support service that is free for users. You may contact the support team online 24/7 or via phone Monday-Friday 8am-8pm. The team will help answer any queries or concerns that arise. They also offer an interactive chat site where users can ask questions and get direct answers within minutes. As platinum partner of Quickbooks, leading online accountants in London, we always provide help, support and training to our clients. 

How much is QuickBooks UK?

They offer three plans depending on your specific needs.If you are interested in trying QuickBooks you can have a one month free trial. You can cancel at any time at no cost. Our clients enjoy a generous discount on this beautiful software subscriptions due to our huge commitments with QuickBooks. Speak to us today for your specific online bookkeeping needs.

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