12 Oct, 2020 11:16 AM
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Companies House to Resume Compulsory Strike off Process

From 10 October, HMRC has begun striking off companies that they believe are no longer in business or operation.

In response to the global pandemic, HMRC has taken temporary flexible measures which have been considered under monthly review. From 10th of October (Saturday), the measure of suspending compulsory strike off action has risen. 

Meaning, HMRC has resumed the process to remove a company from the register if there is reasonable cause to believe it is no longer continuing on business or currently in operation. A company will be removed from the register, if:

  • The company documents are outstanding, and HMRC had no response to their letters
  • Letters sent by Companies House are returned undelivered the company has no directors, and
  • Companies that do not file their annual accounts or confirmation statement will normally receive 2 letters from Companies House. A notice is then published in the Gazette to tell the public that the registrar intends to strike off the company.

According to Stuart Morgan, Intelligence and Enforcement Service Owner at Companies House,

“Companies House is committed to supporting businesses who may be struggling during these unprecedented times, and we have introduced a number of legislative and non-legislative easements since April to provide support.”

HMRC has considered that it is important that they have the right balance between supporting businesses, maintaining the integrity of the data on their register, and making sure that directors are complying with their legal requirements.

If you are someone who has an interest in a company which is nearing strike off, you should register an objection to dissolution at Companies House. For any further processing or information, you should consult with your accountant or any small business accountant in London. You can always rely on Taj Accountants for consultation and any accounting or taxation services, contact us anytime. 

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