23 Oct, 2020 10:35 AM
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Award Winning Software for an Award Winning Accountant in London

BTC Software Brought the Best Solution for their Clients by Ensuring Top Notch Support

If you surround yourself with successful accompanies, you will most likely be walking on the road of success too. Mr. Abul Hyat Nurujjaman firmly believes in choosing the best partners and the best solutions in order to be successful.  Holding onto that, Mr. Abul Nurujjaman, the managing director of Taj Accountants has lifted his firm as a flagship and multi-award winning company.

Taj Accountants has been providing taxation and accounting services and consultancy to small businesses across London since 2010. With the determination and hard work of the managing director Mr. Abul Hyat Nurujjaman, the firm has now been established internationally. Along the way, Taj Accountants in Whitechapel has gained the recognition of many awards, TV shows and magazines for their excellence. Among them, the Small Business of the Year 2019 award from the London Asian Business Award has been the latest achievement for Taj Accountants. 

The success story of Taj Accountants is steered by Mr. Abul Hyat Nurujjaman who works day and night to bring this firm to this point of success. With his extraordinary academic background and expertise, he has built a dedicated workforce and loyal clientele. Abul Nurujjaman has always made the best decisions for his firm and makes sure the results bring success to his company and its stakeholders. Among Abul’s choices, selecting BTCSoftware was one of the best. 

Taj Accountants has worked with BTCSoftware for a long time and has been very satisfied with the services and solutions they have provided throughout the years. In 2019, BTCSoftware had featured Taj Accountants in one of their case studies to let their clients know about the success story of Taj Accountants. Both of the companies believe in promoting each other to help other businesses and accountants in London.

BTCSoftware has provided Taj Accountants with the full and comprehensive package that they were looking for. To cope with the growing business and their busy services, Taj Accountants needed a complete accounts package and taxation solution at a fair price and a user-friendly interface for the employees to be able to catch up quickly. BTCSoftware considered all the requirements and made the most satisfactory package by combining all aspects of industry-leading software with a dedicated support team. Now Abul’s both regional and international team has been working with this system successfully. And he believes BTCSoftware is a wise choice for Small Business Accountants.

Taj Accountants migrated from their previous software to BTCSoftware solutions for their excellent service. BTCSoftware successfully moved Taj Accountants onto their software with the help of their remarkable support team. Now, the workforce of Taj Accountants has been steadily working towards growth using BTCSoftware without facing any difficulties. There is other low-cost tax software available in the market for the Accountants in London, but low costs cannot outweigh the considerable quality of service which BTCSoftware always ensures. 

Data security has been a high priority for Taj Accountants as they have always taken confidentiality solemnly. Throughout the years they have gained the utmost trust of their clients who have been working with them for a long time. BTCSoftware has alleviated Taj Accountants’ concerns with a secure UK-based database with a regular backup system for data retrieval during emergencies. The cloud database has made it possible for Taj’s team to work on clients’ accounts while being on-site with the client. BTCSoftware has helped both the team and the clients meet their needs. 

Considering the current crisis of COVID-19, imagine not being able to work from home because all the data, information and setups are locked in your office. For times like these, BTCSoftware has the best solution and service for your business. You and your team can work on tax filing, Accounts Production and Practice Management from home and across the globe. You can reach your clients with the strongest data security and gain the highest clientele contentment like Taj Accountants.

Mr. Abul Hyat Nurujjaman has weighed a lot of software choices for his firm and rates BTCSoftware as the best solution based on their services, their remarkable support team, the Practice Management functionality and their commitment. Also, he’s thankful to Rob Ellis, the CEO of BTCSoftware for helping Taj Accountants from the beginning and looks forward to enjoying more updated services from BTCSoftware. Rob was one of the main reasons why Taj Accountants joined BTCSoftware, and till this day it seems to be a great decision. 

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of the blog is to provide information and insight regarding the situation. The readers must contact experts before making any decisions based on the information. We highly appreciate you to contact Taj Accountants for further assistance. 

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