01 Sep, 2017 12:00 AM
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Abul Nurujjaman of Taj Accountants: A Success Story of a Successful Magazine

Abul Nurujjaman of Taj Accountants has been featured in the cover of Accounting Technician (AT) Magazine as a success story

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the prime professional membership body for Accountants with around 150,000 members working in 100 countries globally. They are globally recognised and universally standardized for their Accounting Qualifications. 

AAT associates itself with highly ambitious and determined accounting professionals. It is  considered that having an AAT qualification leads to a road to the most in demand skills in the world with a professional status with pride. AAT members are hired by International organizations including P&G, Sainsbury’s and the Ministry of Defence for their knowledge, skills and diligence as represented as a benchmark.  

Among those represented members, in the UK they have over 4000 licensed accountants who provide accountancy, tax, business advisory services to 400,000 British businesses. Mr Abul Nurujjaman of Taj Accountants in London is one of those licensed accountants of the AAT. 

The AAT is also globally recognised for their Accounting Qualifications. Their qualification is highly regulated by all four UK qualification regulators, including Ofqual, CCEA, SQA and Qualifications Wales. AAT is also a recognised End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

Every year, AAT awards skill-based accountancy and finance qualifications including students, individuals directly associated with accountancy and self-employed business owners. 

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) awards skills- based accountancy and finance qualification. AAT awards around 80% of all vocational qualifications in the field of accounting.

The first ever AAT Professional Member awards held on 8 June 2017 to recognize the most ambitious and innovative individuals in the accountancy sector. The awarding ceremony launched six categories of awards to recognize accountants who have emerged individually and collectively by embracing new innovative technology. Among those six accolades, Abul Hyat Nurujjaman, the Managing Director of Taj Accountants won the ‘Licensed Member of the Year’ award out of 50,000 members

After receiving the award, Abul expressed his gratitude by saying, "I am really honoured and delighted to receive this prestigious award, which is recognition of my professional excellence at Taj Accountants. Our aim is to maintain this top class service to the community and wider business society. I am sure the award will become an encouragement for us, our community and other professional service providers."

After winning the prestigious award Abul Nurujjaman got featured in the AT Magazine cover page as a success story. The magazine is AAT’s award-winning publication for the AAT members. Successful individuals in the Accountancy sector share their inspiring stories in the magazine as a guide for the readers to shape their career.

In the Accounting Technician (AT) Magazine, Abul shared the secret of his success. He shared how he started the journey of Taj Accountants London from a single-room office to a flagship premises. He also let the readers know about his perspective on choosing a goal and how to achieve it under diverse circumstances. 

In his story, Abul shared both his personal and organizational growth strategy. He mentioned how his journey in London started as an international student from Bangladesh at the age of 21. In 2010, he started his practices in the premises of East London and now he is thriving globally in the platform. He was an accounting graduate but along the way, he taught himself a varieties of skills including change management, HR, content marketing, social media, cloud software and the use of AI. With this extraordinary learning ability, strengthened by a comprehensive set of skills made him and his firm a success story for Accounting Technician (AT) Magazine. 

Today Taj Accountants is a flagship and multi-award winning accounting firm because of the vision and determination of Abul Nurujjaman, the Managing Director. He made sure Taj Accountants reached the highest peak of success in every aspect. He also made sure to provide the highest quality taxation and accounting service and consultancy for starting up new small businesses with the most recent innovative technology. Abul Nurujjaman has built a friendly, accessible and professional organizational culture that attracts and retains qualityful pool of candidates and retains them to be a strong workforce. He is also ensured to retain a supportive and loyal clientele that has helped him bring success to his firm. 

Abul Nurujjaman has efficiently used all the essence of success and has made Taj Accountants one of the most successful businesses in London. And the success story echoes globally with awards, TV shows and magazines. 

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