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Digital marketing: Its importance and how it can increase business growth

Abul Nurujjaman, 

Digital marketing

In this modern day and time we are very dependent on technology. We cannot think of a day without the support of our gadgets. We have become so reliant on them that if we were to solely rely on road maps for a new journey on the road, eventually, we would get lost along the way. Therefore, we take our smart phones out that have a built-in satellite navigation (Google Map) we enter the post code and we get clear and accurate directions to our destination. It is not always possible to even rely on a passer by for directions as I am pretty sure they themselves are using their smart phone too.




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In another situation, you are looking for an accountant “Accountants in East London” and you don’t know how to find one. In most cases, you go online and do a Google search for “Accountants in East London”. Then you will realise there are few things in front of you and I want to list them below:

  • Paid Advert through Google PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Some places from Google places listed based on their rank with Google
  • There are some websites of directories and some are accountants in east London



 Paid Advert through Google PPC



Some places from Google places listed based on their rank with Google


There are some websites of directories and some are accountants in east London.



In our search we can see the Yell directory, Gumtree Classified came first and second then Taj Accountants is listed for Accountants in East London.


As a small business accountants in London we focused on niche words such as “Accountants East London” and we are happy to be at the top for the keywords of “Accountants in East London” on Google.


We always prioritise Google search engine as it is the most popular site for initial searches. Please see below for some search data for November 2015 for your desktop and mobile device in the UK.



November 2015 (Desktop) in the UK in Percentage

Google 88.09

Bing 7.25

Yahoo 3.48

Other 1.18


November 2015 (Mobile) in the UK in Percentage

Google 94.38

Yahoo 3.24

Bing  2.06


Other 0.32


The importance of internet and online presence to modern day business is huge. Modern business can create links of communications to their existing customers and help to explore and reach new customers. Without a doubt it’s a very important part of modern business, it s a lot faster and much more reliable.


You can develop your business reputation online by using different review platforms where your customers and employees can leave feedback with their views on your goods and service. It will make customers more comfortable to come and join to become your clients whilst also aiding your search in recruiting new and quality staff. You can use social media to create this reputation and brand recognition.


Social media is designed and developed for people to create contents, share their experience online and participate in social networking or create awareness of any movements and activity.

The importance of social media is to use it as a marketing tool to grow your business. People who use social media are the direct or indirect customers of the companies and corporations. So if you can familiarise your products and services to get the target market through social media, it will alleviate your business growth and brand recognition. 


You can create the social buzz through different types of processes. You can get yourself, your staff and your happy customers to get involved in your social presence and request if they will be happy to talk about your company, products or brand. This type of outreaching will eventually see your targeted customers easily recognise you and your company in the near future. You can achieve that with minimum financial effort.


There are many platforms to give and receive customer reviews online. Google places review, Facebook page review, trustpilot review and TripAdvisor review are some of the important review places online. Taj Accountants Google page is given here for an example.  Taj Accountants Facebook page review, trustpilot review has not been claimed yet, but we highly recommend to claim it. TripAdvisor review is very important for restaurants and takeaways. We can use Bay Spice Tandoori Torquay as an example for TripAdvisor s review. We have also added Taj Accountants Instagram page for your attention to see how our instagram page looks. Instagram is an extremely popular platform for fashion retailers. 


Fashion pages have hundreds of thousands of fans and they always promote their customers using and wearing their products. This attracts new customers very easily. Taj Accountants Twitter  is given here for your reference only. Twitter is important for any business. Taj Accountants Linkedin is set-up with a hope of showing the world that Taj Accountants understands the importance of Business Networking. This shows that a business is able to adjust with the ever-changing technological environment.


To build social media pages or platform for review, you can go to those sites and look for the option to create an account, page, business places, business page etc. Once you are in the right area it will guide you through to the next stages. 


It helps to get new customers through creating brand recognition. Prospective customers already know about your products even before they are thinking about buying it.


You must encourage the customers and well-wishers to leave feedback about your products, services or even about you as it boosts customers confidence and even encourages the prospective customers to approach you first. 


Keywords are the words which you think is the target for your business. The words you think represent your product, brand and locations, you incorporate those keywords in your site to make sure that search engines rank you for it. By using words in a clever way to describe the product you re selling or even a service you provide, it s best to do a bit of research yourself to find out the niche relevant and then eventually apply them carefully near the content intended for sale or service. For maximum Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you use those keywords in your website titles, descriptions, on site and offsite contents.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. when we talk about SEO we mean two things; Organic SEO or Paid SEO. With Organic SEO you build them naturally as I have explained them above. In regards to Paid SEO, you will be at the top as long as you have paid to be displayed or for Pay per Click. The best combination is do the best organic SEO based on your product, service and business model then spend money for Paid SEO.


You will have to focus the content very precisely on your products, services and location. With appropriate keywords, you get attention from Google, yahoo, bing and other search engines.


Search engines have their own ranking style. They mostly use an algorithm to calculate the sites value and importance. With this technique they identify the white hat and black hat techniques. At times they block the black hat techniques. Search engines prefer the natural contents with important keywords. 


It is important to write the contents for humans not machines. Some people make mistakes and write the contents for machines like a robotic type of content which proves to have a negative impact. They will initially receive the ranking, however, eventually they fail the main purpose of the goal intended. The visitors realise this after reading a few lines having not understood most of the content. This will affect your viewing as it won t take long for them to leave your site once they had identified that it isn t relevant to them. That mistake will not bring them back to you.

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